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We're A Full Service Prop Rental House

Props and Furniture from All Eras For Stage and Film

With four full warehouses, we have all the props and furniture you need for stage sets or film production sets. We have furniture of all kinds, from all eras and all the dressing you need for interiors: Rugs, lamps, chandeliers, tablewares, linens, knick-knacks, pictures and lots more set accessories as well as hand props.

For stage and film props, we carry everything (except costumes).

Prop Rentals for Exterior Scenes

For your exterior stage or film scenes we have street lights, wagons and carriages and all kinds of barn yard and out door props and set furniture.

Come browse our collection of stage and film props and furniture to get inspiration, round out your ideas, or put the finishing touches on your stage or film set designs.

When Can You Browse For Props And Set Furniture?

We are open by appointment only. Appointments available 10:30-4:00.  We are closed Thursday & Saturday. We are closed most but not all holidays and selected other days.  See catalog page for closures.



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By appointment only, Appointments available 10:30am to 4:00pm

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