To start an order or to put items on reserve we need an email or letter stating that you have read and agree to our policies. Please take a moment to read them. We need the name, address and phone number of the school, theater, organization, or film, as well as a contact person's name and cell phone. If applicable, we need the group's tax exempt form and we can accept only NJ. Any non profit is eligible for a NJ tax exempt form. Please apply, the link to the correct site is on the links page. Films with tax exempt forms from out of state may be eligigle for a non resident tax exempt form from NJ, please send us your form. Give us the name of the production or event, the date and when you would like to pick up and return the items. You can give us the item numbers you would like held if you are starting a reservation or if you are just checking availability. You will need to provide an insurance certificate and a security deposit.



Our minimum rental fee is the basic rental listed online, and on the item tags here at the warehouse. This basic rental is for one day. We allow you to keep all items for up to 28 days before we assess additional charges. Therefore, if you return the props any time within the 28 days, the price is the same. If you take the props out of the building, the basic rental fee is due. After the 28 day period, props are charged at ¼ the basic rate per week.



We accept Mastercard and Visa, checks and cash. Films, LLCs and private individuals will need to pay upon pickup and also supply a security deposit.



You may reserve items at any time.  We will hold those items for the time period you specify. Please be aware that your props may be rented in the interim. As such, the condition may change or the item may become unavailable during this time. We will do our best to make sure there are no changes, but there are no guarantees. If an item is damaged beyond repair, changed drastically, becomes unavailable or is lost before your scheduled pick up date, we will remove the item at no charge to you. Reservations are binding. If you decide not to take an item that you have reserved there is a cancellation charge. For each week the item has been out of circulation you are charged 1/8 of the basic rental fee up to ½ of the basic rental fee. Taking other items in place does not negate the cancellation fee. Items stored off site incur extra fees if they are brought here for the rental and then cancelled. In addition to the cancellation fee, 1/4th of the basic rental is added.



You need an appointment for any trip to Anything But Costumes. We are open 10:30am to 5:00pm. The crew generally takes lunch 1pm to 2pm. We are closed on Thursdays & Saturdays, most holidays and some other days.  We close promptly at 5:00pm. If you arrive after that or you are still picking out, packing or loading your order after 4:30pm there are overtime charges. It is not always possible to find crew members who are willing to stay after hours. We can sometimes open on a closed day. but that requires additional charges for each crew member that must come in on their day off.  Basic charges are as follows:  Overtime charges (for staying open beyond 4:30 or opening before 10:30) $50 per half hour, per crew member that needs to be there.  Saturday and Thursday opening charges $50 per half hour per crew member that needs to be there and an additional $50 opening charge.



Our items are props and most are antiques or old. Most do not work unless it states in the description they are working. Toasters, TVs, radios, cameras, stoves, and refrigerators do not work except as noted in the description or condition notes. We do send out working lamps, sconces, chandeliers and floor lamps. We also have some working cameras and TVs and other items. These items are checked before they leave the building. We cannot guarantee them though. They are old and may be dropped or knocked about before reaching you and as such cannot be gauranteed. We will make every effort to make sure the item is working, but you should also have a knowledgeable person involved at your end. Feel free to contact us if you are having a problem, we can sometimes talk you through some steps to get the item working.



Sometimes we end up with items that are not ours. We will try to identify where they came from and contact you about picking them up. Please come and get them. Any item left here over 60 days will be disposed of. We have no extra space and cannot store things for you. After 60 days the items become our property, they will not be returned. Do not bother asking. We may dispose of them in any of a variety of ways, but we have no room for storage.



A 9 % non refundable damage waiver fee is charged on all rentals. This is not insurance.
You are still responsible for the props that you have rented. You may not change the props (including putting screws or nails into them under the misguided idea you are repairing them.) and you must care for them. The contract on the reverse side of your invoice is still in force. However, in return for your acceptance of the damage waiver, we agree to waive our right to collect damage fees except as specified below. If you have insurance, the damage waiver becomes secondary and you agree to exercise all rights available to you under your insurance coverage and assign all claims and proceeds from your insurance coverage to us.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Your liability for loss of, or damage will not be waived in the following circumstances: 1. Any item or part thereof, which is not returned, irrespective of the reason, including theft. 2. Reckless, careless or abusive use of items.  This includes poor packing or trucking. 3. Use of items in ways not intended i.e. dancing on tables, standing on chairs. 4. Damage resulting from vandalism, malicious mischief or intentional abuse. 5. Damage due to your neglect or misuse.
6. Damage so severe the item can not be repaired.

You must care for the Rental Items. You must clean items before returning them. Remove moretight, tape, wax, food and drink residue, make up, etc. Sweep or vacuum rugs. Wash dishes & glassware. Roll up rugs neatly. Use packing blankets when moving furniture, bubble wrap or tissue to pack fragile items. Do Not use any screws, nails or glues on rented items with out permission. Do not paint or alter any props with out permission.



ANYTHING BUT COSTUMES does not guarantee, assume responsibility or make any representations for the condition or performance of the rental items. Most items are antiques or used & must be treated accordingly.

Accrued rental prices do not apply against purchase prices and do not include tax, delivery, pickup, or shipping.

The renter agrees to pay an additional rental fee if equipment is returned after the due date. Rental time applies to all items for the length of time they are absent from ANYTHING BUT COSTUMES, this includes items taken but not used, or items not in use and waiting for return.

All items are to be returned in the same (or better) condition unless alterations were approved and discussed.The renter will, at his own expense, keep and maintain the items rented in good condition during the term of the contract. If any items are lost, stolen, missing, broken or damaged, the renter agrees to replace them with items of similar value and nature or pay ANYTHING BUT COSTUMES compensation.

The renter agrees to be responsible for the safe and proper use of all items. The renter agrees to be an insurer of the items and to take full responsibility and assume all risk for the rented items for the entire period they are away from ANYTHING BUT COSTUMES. The renter will take full responsibility whether it is the renter’s fault or not. The renter further agrees to compensate ANYTHING BUT COSTUMES for replacement or for the cost of repairs.

The renter agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred by ANYTHING BUT COSTUMES in protecting its rights or property under this agreement or in any action.

Acceptance of returned items is not a waiver of any claims ANYTHING BUT COSTUMES may have against the renter, nor a waiver for damage to any items.
The acceptance of rent or other payments or portion thereof will not be seen as a waiver of ANYTHING BUT COSTUMES’ right to enforce payment of rent or other payments as provided by this agreement.

The renter agrees to indemnify and hold ANYTHING BUT COSTUMES harmless from any and all claims arising out of any violation of any law, rule, regulation or order, and from any and all claims or liabilities for loss, damage or injury to persons or property of whatever kind or nature arising from the use or misuse of the rented items, or from carelessness of the renter’s employees, or people under the supervision of the renter.

If the renter shall default on any of these terms, or conditions, or in punctually making payments, or if any execution of other writ or process shall be issued in any action or proceeding against the renter, whereby the rented items may be seized or taken or instituted by or against the renter or his property, or if the renter shall enter into any arrangement or composition with his creditors, or in the event that any judgment is obtained against the renter, then and in any such event, ANYTHING BUT COSTUMES, its agents or employees, may enter upon any premises where said items may be, & may remove the same therefrom, with or without force & with or without notice of intention to retake the same, without being liable to any suit or action or other proceeding by the renter.

No terms, representation or warranty, express or implied, not herein set out shall bind ANYTHING BUT COSTUMES. This agreement contains the entire understanding between the parties, including representations, and may not be modified except by another agreement in writing, signed by both parties.

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